Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Help wanted: housemaid. Some experience helpful but not necessary. References are required. Live-in or not, though preferred to live in. Exhausted mom with 3 children needs assistance. Respond via Times-Union Ad box #184 Atlanta, Ga 30013. Hmmm. It read simple enough. Obviously this lady was in sure distress. And best of all, it sounded like it would fit my needs perfectly. Especially the live-in part. I had so been longing to get out from under my parent’s roof. Have some freedom . Some liberty without reservation or questions. Maybe I could even have time to find the love of my life. Lets see… in response to your ad for a housemaid. I am 28 years old and have limited experience with children but love them. I am a fairly good cook and excellent housekeeper.

At present I am living with my parents and would definitely consider a live-in position. My references can be found below and I am anxious to hear from you. Contact me at 555-3057 anytime. Okay so now the wheels are in motion. Hopefully I could land this job. I sure needed something to uplift my spirits since my last job fell through. Two days later I got a call from this harried housewife/mother. She definitely sounded in need of some help and invited me over for an interview and to get to know the children. So with a bit of anticipation, I dressed casually and drove over to the address she had given me on the phone. What a lovely quaint home. It seemed large enough to accommodate an extended family. A lot more than I would want to have to clean alone too. But that wasn’t the issue. She needed my help more with the children than anything. With my best smile painted on, I strode to the front door and rang the doorbell.

A young woman answered the door and before I could say anything, she took my hand and led me inside. Her home was humble and neat. It didn’t look like she needed help in the housekeeping department at all. She led me into a large den-like area and we began the process of idle chit-chat, just kind of getting to know one another. After a while, she called the children over and introduced me to them. A little rambunctious, but otherwise typical children. They seemed easy enough to care for. After giving her a more complete list of my references, she excused herself and went to get something to drink for us. She invited me out on the pool deck and we sat and talked for what seemed forever. But at the end of the conversation, the result was that I would move in at my earliest convenience. Meaning later today. I returned only a few hours later with the biggest portion of my clothing, a few electronics I chose to bring and a some books to read at night. She led me to a room upstairs next to her own bedroom. Wow! I had never had a room with two walk-in closets in it.

A large queen-sized bed was the main focal point and soft billowy sheer curtains framed the windows. It looked just like a fairy-tale boudoir. After putting away my belongings in the dresser and at least one of the closets, I couldn’t get the second one open, I went downstairs and saw that she had already prepared dinner for the five of us. Although the children were showing off a bit since a new person was in the house, dinner was pleasant. I cleared the table after dinner and set myself about to do the dishes while she coaxed the children upstairs for baths and bed. An hour later, we were finally in quiet peace. She told me that her husband had taken this new job and was overseas at least two weeks a month and that’s why she had placed the ad.

Seeking companionship more than anything else since it was so difficult to get out of the house with three small children. She had full lips and as she spoke, they moved in fluid-like motion. Her eyes were deep and tinted green, obviously from contacts. Her auburn hair was medium in length and she was petite in build. Striking… that’s how most men would refer to her I’m sure. And she was that indeed. How odd that I could find myself gazing at her this way. I could also feel her looking at my own imperfect features. Though I had put on a few pounds, I felt I was still attractive to men. But I had taken on a simplicity about my manner of makeup, rarely taking the time to smear it on. But I don’t think she was seeing that. I could feel her eyes burning through me, almost to the point of exposing my naked flesh to her. For a brief moment, I thought she would come over and touch me. Or maybe I hoped she would?

I could feel a warmth inside as we talked into the night about her marriage and life and mine as well. She was as good a talker as she was a listener and I felt a special kindred with her before the night drew to a close. We headed upstairs, each to her respective bedroom and said our goodnights. I closed my door behind me as I began removing my clothes and dressing for bed. Putting on a simple nightgown, I snuggled beneath the covers and recapped my day mentally. This was going to be a great job here. And since my employer was also going to become my dear friend, I knew this was going to be a great friendship as well. I sank into my pillow and drifted into a light slumber. My dreams were unusual and reflected my days events. I was deep in a dream when I heard the creaking of a door and saw a stream of light cross the foot of the bed. Oh, I just wanted to make sure you were comfy in here.

I know how hard it can be to sleep in a different bed, she said as she closed the closet door behind her. No wonder that door wouldn’t open. It must have been a pass-through to her bedroom and not a closet at all. She stood there in her negligee, white lace as it was. Skimpy to say the least. And I could see the length of her legs and the fullness of her breasts. She was quite a desirable woman and I felt a flush course through my body as she neared my bed. Near speechless, I watched as she sat on the edge of my bed. Her face was lowered and when she raised it, I could see a tear forming on her cheek. She didn’t have to utter a single word. I knew the loneliness was the hardest part for her. I sat up and placed my arm about her shoulders and tried to comfort her. And she responded by snuggling a little closer. I could smell her heady perfume and it almost gave me a drunk sensation. But what a pleasant aroma. Kind of floral-woodsy. She nestled closer in my arms and wept softly, never saying a word. I could feel her warm breath against my neck as she dripped icy tears across my chest. Each tear running in a trail between my firm breasts that almost tantalized and teased me.

She raised her face and in an instant her lips were pressed to mine, gently, longingly. I found myself returning her tender kiss, our tongues entwining themselves one with another. I had never had an encounter of this type and felt almost ashamed. But it came so natural to us. Feeling her hands about my head as she ran her fingers through my hair and pulled me into her. My heart raced as I tried to stop. Yet I wanted this. I had fantasized before about how it would be to share intimacy with another woman and here it was unfolding right in my lap. She broke away from our tender sweet kiss and slid her soft lips down the side of my neck and along the length of my shoulder. I could feel an eruption of cold chills as she placed tiny kisses everywhere she traced her lips.

Gently laying back on the bed, I allowed her to touch me as her will commanded. I became submissive to her and she lightly showered me with her touch. Her fingers were like fire against my flesh as she eased my nightgown off my shoulders. A soft sigh escaped my lips as she placed her lips around my erect nipple. So much desire! Even as she caringly nibbled on my breast, I reached and lovingly took her own tiny breast in my hand, feeling the hardened tips of her nipple as my thumb and forefinger warmly rolled it. A surge of warmth coursed through my body as I felt my panties becoming so moist. I pressed my body closer to her and she encircled my waist with her arms and lay with her warm body next to mine.

The embrace seemed to last an eternity and we just clung tightly to one another, soaking in the loving touches we exchanged. I found myself following her guide and taking more daring approaches to this fantasy-like event. She slid herself downward and positioned herself between my parted legs. Lovingly, she planted soft moist kisses along my inner thighs and I moaned deeply. She continued her downward trek, leaving only moist traces and fire-hot sensations behind, I felt a tremble forming in my body. I closed my eyes and envisioned doing just these things to her… making her long for me as I long for her. Wanting so desperately to reach orgasm. She reached my knees and suddenly, without warning, planted her face deep in my crotch. She reached her hands beneath me and cupped my cheeks as she drew my body up and closer to her. I could feel her tongue searching, tracing the outlines of my moistened lips. She gently nudged then sucked on my clit. What a rush of sensation!

Many men had gone down on me before, but it wasn’t like this at all! I felt myself grinding my hips into her face. She lifted her right leg and passed it over my legs. Before I knew it, she had spun completely around and had spread her legs over my head, offering her pussy to my hungry waiting mouth. In perfect unison, we licked and sucked one another. I could feel her responding well to my searching tongue, gently riding my face and allowing me to taste the full length of her hot juicy pussy. It wasn’t long before we were both nearing orgasm. I could only imagine the flow of her cum as she dripped it all over my face. Then it happened. She lunged her body forward and thrust her hips deeper into my face.

I placed my lips around her throbbing cunt, sucking and drank up her juices, the savor causing me to cum. I could feel her tongue pressing deeper into my pussy as it jerked and pulsed. She eagerly fucked me with her tongue until I felt I could cum no more. Then just as tenderly as that first kiss, she slowly raised up and turned back around to face me. Neither felt a sense of remorse. She softly kissed my lips again and I could taste my own juices still on her cum-soaked lips. She ran her tongue over my face, as if to clean away any drops of her cum that remained. We lay there for hours just touching and loving one another. Enjoying the afterglow, almost getting swept away into it all over. I was going to love this job I thought as I lay there next to her.