Thursday, February 12, 2009

Nursing Conferrence

Nursing Conferrence
In October, I decided to attend a nursing conference with my wife, Beth, in a small resort town about 180 miles away. Beth needs to attend these conferences every year to maintain her needed educational credits. She has told me that she enjoys the classes during the day, but that the evenings are boring just sitting around the room and pool. Everyone else likes the bar scene, but being a non drinker, this does not interest her. I figured that I could occupy her evening hours and during the day I could lounge around the pool and catch up on some reading. We arrived at the resort/conference center Thursday evening as classes started promptly at 0800 hours on Friday morning. We found our room to be very luxurious with a king-sized bed, fireplace, kitchenette, and a large walk-in shower.

As you might expect, the evening was full of motel sex that lasted well past the dinner hour. We capped off the night with a soak in our room’s hot tub located on our balcony facing Grand Traverse Bay. Beth and I have been married for over 20 years, with a healthy appetite for one another that seems to improve every year. We have been swinging with one other couple regularly for the last 6 years, but we have never been outside that dynamic. That was about to change.

At 0730 Friday morning, Beth took a shower, got dressed, and headed downstairs to the conference center for a day full of classes. She said she’d meet me back in bed for a nooner if I was interested during lunch break. I told her I’d be waiting. I rolled out of bed about an hour later and jumped in the shower. About ten minutes in, I heard a commotion in the room. I heard Beth’s voice as she opened the bathroom door. She said she was between classes and had to hurry back, but that her best friend Jenny, also a nurse that we’ve know for years, had just arrived. Due to a mix-up, her room would not be ready until tonight. Beth offered her to stay with us until the evening. Again, she said See you at noon! With that, she was off. I then realized that all of my clothes were on the bed. I finished my shower, dried off, and wrapped myself as best as I could with a towel walking out into the living area as non-chalantly as possible, rather embarrassed. There sat Jenny. Jenny is ten years younger than us, recently divorced. She is of average height and weight with short brown hair. She was wearing blue nursing scrubs that did not do her figure justice. I would judge her chest to be 34B or C with a nice waist, legs and ass based on seeing her in off-duty clothing in the years past. She has always had a great attitude even through her divorce. I quickly grabbed my clothes, apologizing for my scantily-clad appearance. As I returned to the bathroom to get dressed, she explained that she did not think she’d be able to get off work in time to attend classes today so she has nothing scheduled until tomorrow. She was hopeful that there would be a room available before her scheduled arrival, but there was not. I finished dressing and went back to the living area, sitting on the couch. Jenny came over to the couch and sat next to me. She said that she was tired from the travel and really needed a shower. I offered our shower to her and she quickly accepted. I began to read the morning paper and lost track of time.

Jenny came out of the bathroom about the time that Beth appeared through the room door. It was shortly before noon, and Beth was here as promised. Beth came over to me, taking her blouse off as she walked and gave me a big kiss. She said I have a surprise for us. Just then I looked toward Jenny, thinking that this might be a little awkward for her. Did Beth forget she was here? Jenny was wearing a black teddy that made her look stunning. While I was admiring Jenny, Beth had stripped down to her underclothing which was a teddy that matched Jenny’s. As Beth led me to the bed, she admitted that she and Jenny had conspired for this threesome since getting the conference brochure three months ago. Was I game for it? I didn’t really have to say anything. Beth sat me on the edge of the bed, and got on her knees in front of me, slowly unbuckling my pants. Meanwhile, Jenny was on the bed on her knees behind me, unbuttoning my shirt and kissing my neck. In no time, my shirt and pants were on the floor. Beth took my undershorts off too, exposing my rock hard dick that had barely a moment to respond to what was happening. As Jenny continued to kiss my neck her hands were wandering all over my chest and down to my penis where Beth was now sucking the full length of my shaft. In and out of her mouth it went…how I had not already cum to this point can’t be explained. I felt Jenny pull my shoulders toward the bed, and as I laid down I saw that Jenny was completely naked now, her teddy on the floor. Now exposed, I realized that Jenny’s breasts were a full C size, perhaps a D. Damn those minimizing bras. Without saying a word, she mounted my face with her shaven pussy. It tasted magnificent as she wiggled like a woman who hadn’t had sex in a very long time. She was moaning loudly, and I could tell that she was enjoying the ride. My penis was now inserted deeply into my wife’s pussy and she was thrashing as if she hadn’t been serviced in a while either. As I blew my load into my wife, the girls came in unison. After a minute or two, they rolled off of me, now lying on the bed. Both of them were caressing one another’s breasts and nipples. I was still lying across the end of the bed, and Beth said that she had to return to her classes, but she’d be back afterwards for more. She told Jenny that she could use me any way that she pleased until she returned.

Jenny said OK, and Beth got up, quickly dressing and heading out the door. Jenny said, Well Russ, you heard the lady…get up here. Complying with her request, I crawled up next to her naked body. Jenny began to fondle my balls and penis in a way that was different than Beth, and that aroused me quickly. Jenny dove under the covers and wrapped her mouth around my penis taking the entire length of the shaft well into her throat. She left a thick coating of spit on it and threw her leg over me, mounting me with one quick motion. All she said was Oh, shit that feels good!. I laid there as she did all the work. I reached up pinching her nipples…they were beginning to stand out a full half inch. She laid down toward my chest allowing me to put a tit in my mouth and she squealed as I gently bit on a nipple. Up and down my shaft she continued to ride. Jenny sat upright on my shaft again, and fell on the bed onto her back next to me. She said Fuck me hard, like you do Beth. She spread her legs apart, inviting me in, unconcerned that we were unprotected. I stayed on my knees and put her legs over my shoulders, inserting my penis into her like she wanted. I drove into her hard, back and forth, making the king-sized bed creak and moan. Her breasts were tossing about, as if asking to be manhandled. Oh Russ, I’m coming, I’m coming and with that let a loud growl and she continued to shudder. I released a load of sperm into her that seemed like it would never stop. Oh Russ, that was wonderful, thank you, but I hope you have more for me... I told her I’d do anything I could.

As we laid on the bed recuperating, Jenny said that she has had long conversations with Beth about relationships and such, and the conversations usually ended up about what great love the two of you make together, especially since you had you vasectomy several years ago. I told Jenny that we experimented with each other, and always tried what the other suggested at least once, whether it was an idea dreamed up or one out of a book. Jenny said that Beth had once told her that anal sex had an unusual feel to it, and should be tried at least once. Jenny said that she’d brought condoms for our rendezvous, and would I be her first? I told her I would, and that since I’d already come twice, my cock was likely to be a little less rigid for a first-timer. I went to our overnight bag, hoping to find a bottle of anal lube and found what I was looking for. I returned to the bed where Jenny had unwrapped a condom and was waiting for me. Jenny got my penis to a semi-rigid state and slipped the condom on me.

I had her get on her hands and knees and told her I’d be gentle and to let me know if anything hurt. Jenny had a magnificent ass. I must have been admiring it a little too long, as she began to protest my lack of contact by pushing her ass toward me impatiently. I put a generous portion of lube in her butt crack, gently rubbing it in and slipping a finger into her ass ever so slightly to lube everything as much as possible to make this a pleasurable experience. I also put lube on my sheathed dick. As I rubbed my dick on her ass hole, she was wiggling around in anticipation. I slowly pushed my dick into her ass, and she let out a little ooh. I told her that was normal and to relax her sphincter. I waited a few seconds as she eased up and slowly inserted my dick the rest of the way. I felt her squeeze her ass together as I started to slowly pump in and out. Oh my god, that feels so good, she said. Beth is right; this is wonderful. I felt Jenny reach up underneath and rub her clit and touch my dick that was completely in her ass. The next thing I feel is a vibrating sensation coming from under my dick. Apparently Jenny had gotten a vibrating dildo out while I was locating lube out of my bag. Jenny was getting a DP done on her first time out! Jenny asked if I would take charge of the dildo. I did, and we both enjoyed the next half hour working up a real sweat. We changed positions several times, from doggy style to side by side and finally Jen mounting my dick in her ass as I laid on my back. The batteries had been exhausted for some time, but we were making our own vibrations.

Jenny dismounted my still hard dick and removed the condom. Without hesitation she sucked on my dick until I came in her mouth. She swallowed every drop. What a great woman… From there, we got off the bed and she led me to the shower, which had more that enough room for the both of us. What a truly beautiful woman that had given herself to me, courtesy of my loving wife, Beth. We gave one another a good lathering, toweled off, and headed for the hot-tub on our room’s balcony. As we sat in the tub, Jenny told me what a great time she’d had, and hoped I didn’t mind being used by a needy woman. I told her of course not, and if there is anything else I could do… Just then, the room door opened and Beth entered. It was already 1700 hours. She looked at us and then the bed and asked if we had a good time. The lube and dildo still scattered about the bed. Jenny told Beth that I had been the most wonderful host and that I did everything that she asked.

Beth took a quick shower and joined us in the hot-tub. Jenny unabashedly explained everything she and I had done together in vivid detail. I could tell that Beth was getting hot for some action of her own. Beth asked Jenny to help her change the sheets on the bed for a fresh start for the three of us. Both got out of the tub and headed in. I told them that I’d join them in a few minutes. Beth told me to take my time. About 15 minutes later, I got out of the tub and headed to the shower. As I left the balcony, I saw the girls in the middle of the unmade bed, eating one another sixty-nine style. Beth stopped briefly, looked at me and said, I hope you don’t mind…we’re just getting warmed up for you. Please take your shower and join us. I showered and returned to the bedroom where the girls were still completely engulfed in one another. Fingers and tongues in and out of every orifice. I sat quietly in a chair near the bed and enjoyed the view. Awesome. After a time, Beth began to shudder and came loudly while Jen had her tongue deep in Beth’s pussy and her finger in her ass. They looked at me while I was still admiring the view. I told them it was dinner time, and that I was famished. The girls agreed to leave the room only if I agreed to bed them both down after dinner. The girls showered together, often heard giggling…I wonder what plans they were making? While I was waiting, I picked up the bedroom toys and threw the top sheets over the bed. They got dressed in stunning outfits, with little underneath, and we went to the dining room. I had a beautiful woman on each arm. I am sure we received a lot of stares from other conference attendees as we were seated.

At dinner, Beth told us of her day in classes. She said that she couldn’t concentrate on the lectures knowing what was going on in our room. Jenny excused herself from the table to go to the powder room. Beth told me that the story about Jenny’s room not being ready until tonight was false, and hopefully I could find room for her in our bed. I did not protest! Beth also apologized for the girl on girl action I saw earlier, explaining that Jenny was so thrilled with the sex that the two of you had, she said that she just had to show me, and one thing led to another. Beth said that it felt great, and hoped that I didn’t mind if they did more of that. I told her that I approved as long as I was made aware of their get togethers and was included from time to time. What a weekend this was turning out to be (and it was only Friday night). Jenny returned to the table and we enjoyed our dinner and conversation that ranged from sex, the hospital, and the kids. At about 2100, we returned to the room. We were pleasantly surprised by the chamber maids that had come in while we were at dinner and changed the sheets, leaving nice crisp white sheets on the bed, turning the covers down and leaving three mints on the pillows. Did they know? We quickly disrobed and climbed into bed.

Again I had a beautiful woman on each side of me, this time completely naked and crawling all over me. Beth told Jenny that she was married to me and had dibs to start. Jenny said that seemed fair, and was looking forward to watching. Jenny moved over to one side of the bed, and I kissed my way down to Beth’s wonderfully inviting pussy. I gently kissed her clit and then began to service her with my tongue as she moaned with pleasure. We were so caught up in one another that I forgot about Jenny for several minutes. As I came up for air, I quickly glanced at Jenny who had moved closer to us and was pinching Beth’s magnificent nipples with one hand and rubbing her own pussy slowly with the other. She saw me look her way, and said Sorry, I couldn’t stay away. Beth said, Fuck me now, I’m gonna cum. To which, I mounted my wife the way she liked best, like I demonstrated to Jenny yesterday. Still on her back, I put Beth’s legs over my shoulders and entered her pussy with her ass in the air. Jenny moved away and to my surprise came up behind me, reaching around rubbing Beth’s hot pussy while I pumped in and out of my wife, and grinding herself against my ass. All three of us moving in unison made the bed creak. Apparently Jenny likes to talk while having sex, as do I, and she was telling Beth over and over to let us hear how much she likes it.

It’s probably a good thing that we were on the top floor of the resort on an end room as Beth came louder than I have ever heard her before Oh, yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me…harder, harder. I did all I could to comply with her requests, and Jenny was rubbing Beth’s clit vigorously. Beth regained her senses and I could still feel her pussy pulsing against my still stiff cock. Jenny insisted that I turn Beth over onto her knees and finish fucking her. Beth agreed. As Beth was turning over, Jenny whispered in my ear that Beth told her I had stamina, but she was really impressed that I hadn’t come yet. I told her I couldn’t hold it much longer. Just as I penetrated Beth’s spent pussy, I released my load of sperm deep inside her. I slowly pulled out and laid down on my back next to her. I looked up and there was Jenny…she said enthusiastically, I’m next! You’ve been working hard servicing Beth and me for today. You just lay back and let me do all the work. Beth left the bed and put her teddy back on, sitting in the chair next to the bed. She said to Jenny, Show me what you’ve got to offer my man. Jenny immediately went for my cock with her mouth and cleaned off all of the residual sperm and Beth juices. My cock started to come back to life, and Jenny crawled up between my legs putting my cock between her beautiful breasts. Jenny said she was gonna mount my cock with her ass and wanted me to fill it with sperm. (For me, there was something so hot about a woman telling me what she’s gonna do). Jenny looked over at Beth and said that she couldn’t get over the feeling that she got earlier. Beth got the lube but only put a light coating on me and on Jenny’s ass.

Beth gave Jenny a long kiss on the mouth and told Jenny to enjoy. Jenny slowly sat down onto my cock. I could feel the initial resistance, but this time Jenny made no noise. She stopped for a second and I could feel her relax. Then she dropped the rest of the way until her pussy was resting on my pubic hairs. It was a much tighter feel this time, and Jenny made a pleasured noise. Jenny told Beth to get the dildo, and she brought it to the bed. Jenny leaned back exposing her pussy.

Without instruction, Beth lubed the love instrument and inserted it into Jenny’s vagina. This time Jenny let out a guttural moan. Jenny was moving around on her two mounts, grinding and squeezing. Her ass felt like a hand tightly wrapped around my cock. Jenny said Come for me Russ, come in my ass. Beth came up to the head of the bed and was kissing me deeply, barely allowing me to breathe. Then, I came, filling Jenny’s ass as she wanted. Beth pulled away as I almost bit off her tongue. Beth said to Jenny, OK girlfriend, you got what you wanted from my husband. Jenny said Oh, not quite yet, and continued grinding harder and harder against my pelvis, my cock still buried in her ass and the dildo in her pussy. Jenny was really clamped down on my cock and suddenly stopped grinding. Jenny said Oh, shit and came louder than Beth did earlier. She started the grinding motion again and was moaning Oh, Oh, with every up and down stroke on my dick. Jenny slowly dismounted from me and the dildo and laid down next to me, her head on my shoulder.

Beth turned the lights off and climbed into bed as well. Both of the girls fell asleep right away. Once I was sure they were asleep, I got up and showered and then rejoined them. I felt completely used, but in a good way. At 0800 the alarm clock sent the girls in to the shower together and then off to the Saturday conference classes. I hope they’ll be back for lunch.