Sunday, November 30, 2008

My wife joy is being gangbanged

My wife joy is being gangbanged
I was watching a movie on TV when Joy came in and said she was going to take the dog for a walk. As she walked by she bent over and put the leash on the dog and I saw she didn't have on any panties on under her skirt. This didn't surprise me since she very seldom wears any panties or bra.I sat back down to continue my movie but something nagged at me. The more I thought about it the more curious I became. Finally I knew that I had to check it out. I headed for the park about two blocks away. I figured she had about a fifteen minute head start on me. I walked fast. Once in the park I took the path I usually do when I had to take the dog out. I rounded a curve in the walkway that allowed me to look several hundred yards ahead. Knowing that Skip liked to sniff every bush and tree along the way I surmised that if she had taken this path I would see her ahead.

That meant that she had taken the cutoff path that went to where the stone picnic tables were.I usually avoided this one since before I had stumbled across a young couple fucking on one of the tables. I didn't want to disturb someone as I had that time before. Let them fuck in peace was my motto. I cut across the grass and through a stand of bushes and trees and in a few minutes I saw the first of the picnic tables. Then I saw the patch of white that was Skip. Well actually Skip was black and white but only the white showed up in the dim light of the street lamps. What the hell. Skip was tied to a picnic table on his long leash and he was gaily sniffing to his heart’s content. I made sure Skip wouldn't see me and I was downwind from him. I looked for Joy at the table but there was no one there.Now I was really curious. I wasn't worried about Joy. I had bought her the most powerful pepper spray possible. It would shoot a stream over ten feet and she could spray a regiment of would be mashers with it if she had to. Then movement at the next table about twenty five yards away caught my eye. It was a flash of white. I moved toward the table, keeping in the shadow and close to some bushes. I could hear, softly, a male voice. Then I cocked my ear and heard smacking sounds like something wet being hit by something wet also. I could also hear moaning.

Female moaning. Joy. Wasshe being raped? I could make out at least three figures besides Joy's. One was behind her. Her skirt was evidently pushed up as I clearly could make out her white ass cheeks and the whiteness of one of the male figures as it sawed back and forth.Understanding came slow but at the same time fast. Joy was being fucked. I moved as close as I dared. If my wife was being raped, it was by at least three men. I took my cell from my pocket and was about to dial 911 when I heard the male voice more clearly. Oh yes that's right baby just keep sucking my cock and I'll give you something to drink like always. As always the man who I now saw was sitting with his feet on the table.

My wife's head was in his lap and it bobbed up and down. She was sucking the guy's cock while another one was fucking her from behind. About that time the man fucking her began to grunt and then held himself against her ass. He had just cum in her. He moved aside and the second man took his place. I could make out his white cock in the light of the streetlight on the path as he hefted it and drove it in her. I could swear that Joy pushed her ass back to help him. She was definitely not being raped.With the awareness that she had to be a willing participant to this I also had the awareness that my cock was making a stiff tent in my pants. I took it out and held it. My eyes had adjusted to the light more and now I could make out the cock in her mouth. From the way she lifted her head high before coming back down I surmised that it was a very long cock. I had begun to jack off my cock quietly as she was fucked and she was sucking the sitting man. I heard him moan as he held her head down on his cock. She was deep throating him. Joy had been sucking the long cock of the man for at least ten minutes that I had watched and probably some time before I arrived. Then as I was about to cum myself the man behind her did as the first had done. When he moved away I saw another one step from the shadows of the overhang and join the other two. The three than walked away without a word. Not a one of them said a word to Joy and she never turned to see who they were. I was shaking the cum from my cock when I heard the man say, Alright love here it comes. He made some sounds and Joy choked some and then I saw her began to lick the cock off. She appeared to be stroking it. Getting the dredges of his orgasm I guessed.

Then he too slid off the table and got behind her ass. He knelt down and his face disappeared in her butt. There were some sucking sounds for a few minutes and then he said, I think that got most of it love. Joy began to straighten herself up and then she spoke. You can have more here tomorrow night, she said. I love lots of cocks. The man kissed her then drifted off in the shadow of the path. I was about to confront her but thought better. I saw her head toward Skip and I left as quietly as possible. I took off through the trees and stayed off the path. I came out less than a block away from our house. I beat her home by five minutes. I was as I had been when she left. I pretended to have fallen asleep. She let Skip off the leash and said, I think I'll have a shower before bed, and then disappeared into another part of the house.I enjoyed watching Joy get fucked and I wanted to see more of it. I waited till the next night and as soon as she left for Skip's walk I was right behind her. In my pocket was a small but powerful pair of binoculars. I kept her in sight as she walked up the path toward the picnic tables. She tied Skip to the same one she had the night before. I saw her approach the same man I had seen before and to my astonishment they kissed. She molded her body to his for a good five minutes. Then I saw movement as several men materialized from the shadow. They held back as my wife and her lover kissed hotly then he led her to the same table as before.He dropped his pants and I got out my binoculars. I focused them and I had been right about the size of the man's cock. It was large. Oh it's real big tonight, I heard Joy say. Please...fuck me with it tonight. No Joy you only get to suck this one...but it looks like you have about seven to fuck you tonight, the man said. By now the men had taken out their cocks and I focused my glasses on them. I even recognized a couple of them. Well let me say that I had seen them before in the neighborhood. Our neighborhood. It was a sprawling walled in community with this park at its center. I had to assume that all the men lived there also.

It's sort of hard to just drive in past the guards at the entrance. The man had taken his place on the picnic table and Joy started to take his cock in her mouth when he stopped her. I think tonight you should be completely naked. Joy hesitated for a minute then pulled her slipover off past her head. A quick unzip and she whisked her skirt off past her feet. She did look a little uncomfortable naked in the open for she did look around. When she saw the men they turned their faces quickly away. I understood then that they wanted to be anonymous. Joy swallowed the man's cock and jutted her ass out for the first man to step up and put his cock in her cunt.With the glasses my wife and her fuckers were brought close to me. I could make out her lips compressing around the fat shaft. I will admit that I got instantly hard at seeing my wife act like a plain slut.

I began to jack off just as the man behind her rammed his cock in her. I saw her mouth open slightly around the cock in her mouth in pleasure. He began to slam hard into her and the man she was sucking encouraged him own Go man, he said. Fuck the slut with all you have she needs real fucking tonight. As if in answer to the man her fucker started to fuck her with a renewed passion. The man jerked her face from his cock. Do you like being fucked like that Joy, you whore, he snarled. Do you like his cock? Oh yes I love it, she cried out. Make him keep fucking me. The last wasn't necessary. As soon as he had cum in her there was another to take his place. This time she screamed around the man's cock. Oh my God yes, she said. His cock is in my ass. At hearing this I came all over the ground. Fucking Joy in the ass was something I had always wanted to do but had not done. I made up my mind then. I put the glasses away and, with my cock in my hand, walked over to the group. I kept to her rear so she would not see me. Now I was looking over another man's shoulder at the cock fucking her ass. He was pretty much the same size as me but Joy seemed to be taking it pretty well. I knew then that I would finally get to fuck Joy in her ass.I had to wait while two more men fucked her cunt before I had my chance. I stepped up behind her and fitted my cock to her dripping anus. I started to be easy but as my cock head touched her ass hole I lost control and rammed it in to the hilt. This made her scream around the man's cock. Oh yes...that's good, he said. Fuck her's making her suck me so good.

Knowing that she was sucking the cock so good I fucked her ass hard. I managed to look around to see her face all the way down on his cock. Her mouth was in the man's pubic hair as she deep throated him. I wished it was my cock she was sucking so deliciously. I would love to say that I fucked her ass for a long time but truth be was that I came in just a few minutes I was so excited that my cock had finally found itself in Joy's ass. I was pushed aside as another horny man took my place and used her cunt. You know, the man standing beside me stroking a large cock said. The best thing that ever happened to me was three months ago when I came up on her sucking her man's cock. Did you fuck her then? I asked.Well hell yes, he said. Her husband, I guess, told me to fuck her and I have fucked her about three times a week since then. The sound of the cock slapping into Joy and the noise she mad slurping away at his cock was loud in the night. Damn I wish my own wife was this slutty, the man said. I would really love to see her get fucked good like this. I knew how he felt. I truly loved seeing Joy be screwed so thoroughly by all these men. About that time four more men walked up. According to my count Joy would have at least a dozen cocks in her that night. The man who I had been talking with told me that he better fuck her before she got too loose and stepped up to her well used dripping cunt. I watched as he put his large cock head to her and pushed it in. He was larger than the ones so far and his cock squished cum from her cunt when he speared her. I tried to be casual as the new men took their cocks out. I wanted to see what kind of cocks were going to fuck my wife but didn't want to seem like I was interested in them for myself.

The man finished fucking Joy and as soon as he pulled out I had my cock ready and pushed into her gooey cunt before the other men had a chance. It was like a wet warm cunt filled with mush that I went into. It felt great. I knew then that I would be one of her regulars every night she went to walk Skip. I hung back as all the men fucked her and watched intently as the man she was sucking filled her mouth. I saw his cum run down his long shaft and she quickly scooped it into her mouth. When the last man drained himself in her I saw the man get behind her and suck her cunt dry. I knew that I would have to find a way to do that also. It was two nights later as I stood back and just before he had a chance to suck her cunt I yelled, Hey I saw a cop car's lights. The man quickly ran off and Joy hurried to take Skip away. I knew that sperm was running down her legs. She hurried off.I was waiting for when she started to the bathroom. I pulled Joy to me and kissed her before she could resist. I tasted cum in her mouth. I soon had her on the couch and sucking the cum that had survived the walk back. Joy looked frightened but I acted as if nothing was out of the ordinary.

I didn't try that again but something else happened. Skip was an old dog and one morning we woke to find that he had gone to happy dog land in the night. I felt that Joy's sorrow was more motivated by not having him to take on her walks. Being the good husband I was I had a present for Joy when she came home for work that night. I never have seen a woman so happy at getting a new dog as a present. She gave him his first walk that night. Or rather the dog gave her the first walk that night. You see I bought her a Great Dane. I wanted to see what happened.