Friday, April 11, 2008

electric email

My face grows warm, blood rushing to a low throb inside of me at the knowledge that I've pleased you. I imagine the weight of your hands on my shoulders behind me, growing ever closer, the whisper of your hot breath on the back of my neck. My body both relaxes and vibrates at the thoughts of what will come.

I am lost in a state of dreaming- of wanting to bring your body to a searing, rocketing release in the tightness of your hand, imagining my softness. I want to be there watching beside you, on my knees before you, taking you into my lips to taste the pleasure I've brought to you. To take you slowly and fully into my mouth and the hot depths of my throat, to tickle and caress you at the base, to thrill you with my undulating tongue as I grip you there. Then naked beside you on the floor, I quake with desire to be filled by you, craving, aching, pleading with you with my eyes and opening myself to you as a yearning flower with my fingertips.

Instead I sit here on the bed, one finger trailing moist from lips down to toy with a nipple until it grows firm and tight for want of your touch. You read my mail, and grow suddenly and unbearably hard until you must open your zipper and take yourself in hand. I am hell bent on pleasing you, imagining that somewhere, for this night, I can be your lust. I grow wet imagining the salt of you, how you would feel on my tongue and how your body would struggle against me as the climax overtakes you.

In the world of our common fantasy I am on my knees before now and facing away from you in anticipation. You can see the roundness of my ass as I sit on my heels before you. I am strung tightly, empty, my own juices tickling my thighs as I lean forward to take you in. And you are so fulfillingly hard, so male, just where I need you in my desperation to be filled. You masterfully slide into me with and I shake from the impact, so very sweet that I want to keep you there within me. Your welcome heat moves inside of me. I am on the edge taking in every sensation- I picture the muscles of your back working and the way my body takes you in, savor your heavy breathing. You reach around to take my breasts into your hands and tease them, cup them, excite them between your fingers until I moan your name.

I am so heavy with desire that I rock back against you with an ever increasing speed that brings us both closer to release. Without warning, a storm of pleasure fills me like warm water so that I cry out and tighten around your cock. At this moment I need you so badly that I cannot think of anything but your quick ardent thrusts, so impassioned, so maddening that I feel I would surely die if you stopped. You smile at me, knowing that you have brought about such passion, then draw me close to you and drive yourself upward inside of me again and again. I am blinded and deafened and mute.. you feel so right, so damn good, I can't breathe or reason. Inside I can feel you swelling and tightening, reaching your own climax as you ride me faster and faster and can not hold out any longer. We come together gasping, and I hold you there, tightening myself inside to grip you, and slowing my pace to feel the uncontrollable spasms of your release. Then, laughing, we lie back on the floor in a warm tangle. In my corner of the world, here in my room, I can't help but smile. Somewhere, you sit with a satisfied smile of your own and go about your day, wondering what awaits you another evening.from